We are all here to grow. Let’s grow together.

We address body, emotions and thoughts for holistic well-being. Body and mind are one.

We pay attention to what we allow into both. Because that is what will define our reaction to the world.

Silence is your guide. Let us bring you to stillness, where you can find your own guiding voice. We offer our experience and knowledge to help you improve your quality of life. Let fear, pain and mistakes be teachers on your way. And keep learning. Because when you learn you can’t fail.

Catch your breath and focus. Open your mind and release. Slow down and enter a place of growth.

arise and shine

About Us

We believe, if everything is in sync, we can establish a healthier way of relating to the world.

arise aims to deepen the understanding about movement, communication, and mindset.

Practice mindfulness in the arise Body and Mind Studios located in Lana and Bolzano and learn from international teachers at one of the the arise retreats.