We address body, emotions and thoughts for holistic well-being. Body and mind are one.

We pay attention to what we allow into both. Because that is what will define our reaction to the world.

Linda Schwarz

Hatha Yoga, Studio Manager

Linda builds bridges. Literally, but also in her daily life she sees herself as a link between spiritual practice and the modern world. Heart openers are her favorites, empathy her strength. Powerful asanas as well as restorative sessions are part of each of her classes.

Stefan Sader

Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Mediation

Stefan is teaching in a manner that everyone can participate. From zero to an advanced level he manages to satisfy everyone. Thanks to many years of teaching at the Hotel Schwarzschmied he knows all the cues and aspects that allow you to find inner peace. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, Stefan offers you gentle yoga classes, which allow you to find your true being.

Evi Pardeller

Pranaflow®, Vinyasa Yoga

Evi is an advanced teacher that is able to meet your needs immediately. Her strength is to adapt her yoga classes to the students she encounters, which makes it possible to enjoy a fully restorative or a more energizing yoga class. Her humor, her grounded being and her openness translate in a very creative offering. The Pranaflow that she teaches is a fluid movement through which everyone can enter into a state of moving meditation. Designed to connect with your prana, your energy life force, you will feel light as a feather when leaving her class.

Alex-Bhaskara Parmeggiani

Hatha Yoga, Kriya-Yoga

Alex manages to calm the minds of his yogis as soon as they enter the room with his peaceful and even-tempered manner. With pure joy of life he approaches his fellow human beings and is patient with everyone and everything that surrounds him. His classes are characterized by this trait and follow the classical Sivananda, a style of yoga similar to Hatha Yoga. Holding the poses for long periods of time provides depth and shows you the limits of yourself. His classes are focused on beginners, to pick up and guide them towards a regular yoga practice.

Stefanie Dariz

Yoga, Massage

Stefanie Dariz's yoga path began in 2001 in Maui, USA. Her six-month experience at Myra Lewin's yoga centre "Hale Pule" sparked her enthusiasm and sensitivity for yoga, which she has never let go since. After stints with different teachers, styles and practices, she trained with Dona Holleman - "Centered Yoga" in 2006. Since 2000 she has also been intensively perfectioning various massage techniques and specialises in holistic bodywork.

Alice Hönigschmid


Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher with additional training with Patrick Broome, and yoga philosophy training (Sriram). Further training in Anatomy (Timo Wahl), Thai Massage (Krishnatakis), Acroyoga (Winni & Sophia). Alice has been teaching Jivamukti (Hatha-Vinyasa) Yoga regularly in Bolzano and Auer for over 10 years, gives workshops on special topics, offers intensive yoga retreats and in autumn 2022 will start a yoga teacher training. “Movement has always been a key to contentment for me”.

Giorgio Cappelletto

Tai Chi

Giorgio started learning and practising Tai Chi in New York from 1983. Over the years, Giorgio attended numerous seminars and courses in Europe and perfected his Tai Chi. "I practice daily and give weekly classes during the school year from autumn to spring and outdoor classes in the summer."

Kiki Rochelt

Hatha Yoga

Kiki has been practising yoga for more than 20 years. After training in integral yoga (Yoga-Vidya) according to Sivananda in Germany, with additional training in pregnancy yoga, she has been teaching in South Tyrol and Germany since 2017.

Samantha Hoffman

Functional Movement

Johanna Kompatscher

Shiatsu, Yin Yoga

Johanna is a passionate Shiatsu practionar. She brings her deep and holistic knowledge of the human body into her YIN yoga classes. She accompanies students with her calm manner into their inner being and invites them on a journey that leads to peace and strength. Children are her passion and so she knows how to accompany our little ones in children's yoga with a lot of love, fun and patience.

Hanni Thoni

Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage

Hanni is a trained Prana Vinyasa Yoga teacher according to Shiva Rea Yoga Alliance, Yin Yoga teacher according to Paul Grilley and has trainings in Thai Yoga Massage, Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage and Sound Therapy. Her focus is to balance the qualities of Yin and Yang and to connect them in the yoga classes. Hanni grew up in the mountains and thus carries the love of nature within her. She shares this love with her students during retreats and yoga walks. Powerful physical exercises, clear concentration and meditation bring us to lightness, strength and love of life.

Rudi Antonioli

Balance & Mobility

Rehabilitation therapist, functional trainer who has been practicing calisthenics for several years. Rudi follows the human body and its movement in all phases of life, from the freest to the one constrained by functional limitations, with the aim of finding one's own balance in life and freedom of movement, following the mantra: life is movement.