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Arise & Awake

with Arianna and Anna Ananda

This class will offer you everything you need to start your day in the right way.

Different breathwork and meditation techniques combined with gentle and fluid yoga movements will make you feel a great energy and calm and focused mind.

60 min

Lunch Flow

with Arianna

Nourish your body through movements. The key element of this class is to deepen and develop the Asana Practice. The fluid and dynamic Vinyasa Flow sequences are challenging and will help to build power, flexibility and balance. The rhythm of your breath will guide you. The Intention is to build a state of meditation in movement.

60 min

Hatha Yoga

with Kiki

Hatha yoga connects and harmonises body, mind and soul: In connection with the breath and serenity, you can direct your attention inwards and let the energies flow. Through the alternation of action and relaxation, the effect of the asanas goes deep. Well suited for beginners and advanced practitioners.

60 min

Yin Yang Alchemy

with Arianna

A deeply introspective practice, where we cultivate calmness and stillness in the body (yin) to exercise a vigilant and focused mind (yang) with inputs from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), such as meridian flows and acupressure points. Nourished by the breath, yin and yang dance together and balance to alchemically transform the body and mind and lead them beyond their usual boundaries.

60 min

Pranaflow® beginner/intermediate

with Evi

A clear flow, also to be understood as flowing movement in harmony with the breath. Music accompanies the sequences and is lovingly guided by Evi. In the beginners' course, yoga newcomers are also welcome.

75 min

Yin & Sound

with Arianna

Your daily rest. Take some time for yourself to reset and recharge. Yin Yoga is a great way to reset your body and mind, accompanied by an additional sound experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Set to a soundscape of peaceful tones- expect crystal sining bowls and chimes.

60 min

Flow to the beats

with Arianna

This yoga style derives from Vinyasa Flow. It combines traditional and modern aspects and therefore is the perfect symbiosis of tradition and evolution! Certain sequences and movements of a Vinyasa Flow are matched with modern-day music and melt into a complementing symphony.

60 min

Tai Chi

with Giorgio

Tai Chi Chuan is a kind of internal martial art, which harmonizes body, mind and soul. The classical movement sequences help to treat stress, shoulder, back and neck pain. This is an advanced course that introduces you to the benefits of this moving meditation step by step.

75 min

Mobility & Balance

with Rudi

Handstand is not easy, but it can be achieved. To build a solid foundation for this ambitious goal, Rudi teaches mobility and balance first and foremost. This way you can challenge yourself in your practice and try something new.

60 min


with Valentina and Elisabetta

Pilates classes are designed to help you sculpt and tone your body while feeling empowered and confident. I want you to lengthen, strengthen and build flexibility through your whole body. The vmethod is a mix of classic pilates movements by using your own body weight and using equipment like 2-3kg hand weights, ankle weights, resistance bands, the Pilates Ball and Ring. Slow and controlled movements, accompanied with good music. The six Pilates principles are: Breath, Concentration, Control, Precision, Centre and Flow. The goal is to help you to work on all six in each session. You don’t need to bring any of the equipment, everything will be provided in the studio.

60 min

Multisensory Yoga Experience

with Arianna

A special yoga class where Arianna combines all her passions to create a multi-sensory experience. Yoga flow combined with breathing exercises, meditation and visualisation journeys will be enriched with special elements such as essential oils, crystal singing bowls, koshi carillons and other surprises such as tea, ceremonial cacao and various rituals. She will share with you what inspires her and each week you can expect something different. Various holistic practices will come together in a magical experience that will take you out of the daily rush to rediscover joy, inspiration, creativity, lightness and pleasure. An invitation to slow down and tune in to your senses. Because you deserve the best.

75 min

Slow Yoga Flow

with Anna

Slow Yoga Flow describes a gentle, conscious Vinyasa Flow accompanied by breath, whereby the intention is more on one's own body sensation and feelings than on the perfect alignment. Let us always accompany the lesson with meditation and pranayama to balance the nervous system, center our mind and arrive more in the moment and in the rest, which can create a very deep and healing connection to ourselves.

60 min

The ritual serie

with Arianna

Rituals are opportunities for transformation and by engaging in traditional practices, your body, mind and soul open to experiencing relaxation, introspection and connection. Join us in moving out of the rhythm of the everyday and into a sacred space during three workshops of exploration, curiosity and joy - a cacao ceremony, a tea ceremony and a sound bath. Together, we will deepen our understanding of the art of ritual and practice of ceremony and how both can help you to be more mindful, present and creative in your daily life.

Workshops with three courses of 90 minutes

Power Yoga

with Elisabetta

Power Yoga is a mix of Vinyasa and Ashtanga with creative flows, allowing you to train strength, endurance, balance and flexibility through a constant flow of Asanas. Alternating dynamic, fast-paced flows with strength and balance exercises, this practice helps you unload and replenish your energy. Power Yoga focuses on mindfulness and the mind-body connection. Regular practice helps to reduce stress, improve concentration and awareness and promote greater emotional and mental stability.

75 min

Anusara Yoga

with Elisabetta

Anusara Yoga is a modern style of Hatha Yoga; at the beginning of each practice, an intention is created and decided upon that finds expression in the first principle of this discipline: opening oneself to Grace. It can be practised by students of all ages. Anusara fuses the richness of human spirituality with the exact science of biomechanics. The body becomes more flexible and stronger. Through precise alignments, disorders from postural imbalances can be alleviated. Attention to the breath improves lung capacity. Stress and anxiety are alleviated through the development of breath awareness and through the connection established with the body. The practice opens us up to remember the potential inherent in each of us and brings us into contact with our inner source, allowing us to regain enthusiasm, energy, courage and self-esteem.

60 min

Fire Flow

with Nicoletta

An energising Flow to warm, stretch and strengthen body and mind. A complete and transforming total body. The movements evolve maintaining a fluid and harmonious rhythm similar to a tribal dance. A complete practice of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Meditation.

60 min

Alive Flow

with Valeria

Alive Yoga describes a free and body-emphasising yoga flow. We clearly focus on our body and its senses - we discover and perceive. Feminine and flowing movements permeate the sequence. Powerful - strenuous - dynamic and gentle. An up and a down - a give and a take. Practising the interplay that life shows us.

60 min

Mama Flow / Prenatal Yoga

with Valeria

This is a style of yoga that harmoniously accompanies the expectant mother through the time of pregnancy and prepares you for the birth and the time afterwards. The class combines movement exercises, controlled breathing and meditation. This has a supporting and balancing effect on the body and thus also on the baby. Especially during pregnancy, when massive changes take place in the physical, mental and emotional body, it is of great importance to find and maintain your inner centre.

Participation from the 14th week of pregnancy

60 min

Serenity Break Yoga

with Anna

Immerse yourself in this 60-minute yoga session that offers a delightful blend of yin elements, mindful movements and meditative exercises. Experience moments of stillness and serenity as we practice gentle, meditative asanas and incorporate breathing exercises to centre your attention and create a peaceful pause in your day - for clarity, focus and relaxation.

60 min

Ashtanga Led Class & Mysore

with Riccardo

Astanga yoga is a dynamic style of yoga theorized by Sri K.Pattabhi Jois that is based on the concept of Vinyasa (breath-synchronized movement), connecting asanas in a precise and codified order. The Ashtanga yoga system is divided into three sets of sequences of different intensity and effect. All levels are accepted in this class. The teacher will lead the class and assist more advanced students in individual practice.

45 & 90 min

Breathe & Arise

with Clara

This class offers you a guided way for your mindful start into your day. Meditation is proven way to reduce stress, improve your mood and boost your emotional and mental health. However, establishing a regular meditation practice can be challenging. That’s where breathwork provides an effective way to access meditative states through conscious breath control.

During this class, you will be guided through various breathing exercises to gently wake up your body and mind. A meditation in the end will let you start your day in a fresh, connected and focussed way. Join this class to explore the power of breathwork!

60 min

Personal Training

with Manfred Pernthaler

Personal training offers physical and mental support for the correct motorised execution of the exercises. Targeted training for muscle building, strength, endurance and fat burning.

60 min

Bloom Slowly & Flow

with Chiara Mazzotta

Gentle yet intense movements, just like the scent of certain flowers. A creative hatha flow that combines asana and meditation, follows the rhythm of the breath and gradually opens the body. A harmony of flowing movements in which the focus on the spine will allow you to explore and loosen your body, improving your posture and flexibility as well as expanding your inner energy and self-awareness. The benefits you will receive are both physical and mental. A moment of presence so that you can slowly listen, perceive and blossom.

60 min

Mindful Yin Yoga

with Chiara

Let go of all the physical tension and stress of the week and give yourself a moment to yourself to deeply regenerate your body and find peace of mind with a slow and meditative practice of Mindful Yin Yoga, a fusion of Mindfulness and Yin Yoga. Chiara will accompany you on this journey to yourself that will allow you to get in touch with your inner space, expand your awareness to your physical sensations, emotions and breath. Slow down, stop, inhale and nourish your essence and energy, exhale and let go of everything that weighs you down and return to feeling light and free. Find your balance and harmony and carry them with you always!

60 min


Coming soon

In those hours reserved for you, you can just be there and welcome everything inside you. This feeling and opening up creates spaces for inspiration so that new things can come into being.