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90 min



2 courses per week: 12 months €50,-/month or 6 months €60,-/month

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€10,- one time only

Private Class

€100,- per hour (one on one training, only on request)


Arise & Awake

with Arianna

This class will offer you everything you need to start your day in the right way.

Different breathwork and meditation techniques combined with gentle and fluid yoga movements will make you feel a great energy and calm and focused mind.

60 min

Lunch Flow

with Arianna

Nourish your body through movements. The key element of this class is to deepen and develop the Asana Practice. The fluid and dynamic Vinyasa Flow sequences are challenging and will help to build power, flexibility and balance. The rhythm of your breath will guide you. The Intention is to build a state of meditation in movement.

60 min

Sivananda Yoga

with Alex

Classical hatha yoga teaching style combined with spiritual knowledge and an extensive final relaxation. Poses are held for 5-12 breaths and go deep. A mix of effort and relaxation balance one internally. Very suitable for beginners.

60-75 min

Hatha Yoga

with Kiki

Hatha yoga connects and harmonises body, mind and soul: In connection with the breath and serenity, you can direct your attention inwards and let the energies flow. Through the alternation of action and relaxation, the effect of the asanas goes deep. Well suited for beginners and advanced practitioners.

60 min

Vinyasa Ashtanga Flow

with Stefan

Ashtanga Yoga is a strengthening, athletic and dynamic style of yoga. Asanas (postures) are held for 5 breaths and connected by a vinyasa (breath-guided movement sequence). The movement sequence follows set, rhythmic exercise sequences called series, composed like a piece of music. Thus, we follow the count, rhythm, and breath through the series, creating a moving meditation. The actual goal of yoga, the inner experience, comes alive.

75-90 min

Yin & Yang

with Arianna

With inputs from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as organ flows based on the position of the planets, this yoga class is a mix of challenging and relaxing postures, also called asanas. Well suited for beginners.

60 min

Pranaflow® beginner/intermediate

with Evi

A clear flow, also to be understood as flowing movement in harmony with the breath. Music accompanies the sequences and is lovingly guided by Evi. In the beginners' course, yoga newcomers are also welcome.

75 min

Jivamukti Yoga

with Alice

Jivamukti Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is a yoga class that incorporates philosophy, mantras (saying/chanting classical verses, syllables or words), precise yoga postures and breath work. Surrender to Alice's class and enter a meditative state and let go.

75 min

Yin & Sound

with Arianna

Your daily rest. Take some time for yourself to reset and recharge. Yin Yoga is a great way to reset your body and mind, accompanied by an additional sound experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Set to a soundscape of peaceful tones- expect crystal sining bowls and chimes.

60 min

Flow to the beats

with Arianna

This yoga style derives from Vinyasa Flow. It combines traditional and modern aspects and therefore is the perfect symbiosis of tradition and evolution! Certain sequences and movements of a Vinyasa Flow are matched with modern-day music and melt into a complementing symphony.

60 min

Tai Chi

with Giorgio

Tai Chi Chuan is a kind of internal martial art, which harmonizes body, mind and soul. The classical movement sequences help to treat stress, shoulder, back and neck pain. This is an advanced course that introduces you to the benefits of this moving meditation step by step.

75 min

Mobility & Balance

with Rudi

Handstand is not easy, but it can be achieved. To build a solid foundation for this ambitious goal, Rudi teaches mobility and balance first and foremost. This way you can challenge yourself in your practice and try something new.

60 min


Coming soon

In those hours reserved for you, you can just be there and welcome everything inside you. This feeling and opening up creates spaces for inspiration so that new things can come into being.